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Most Popular Camping Tents

According to figures from google based on visitors to this store, here are the most popular tents in the UK...

  1. Skandika Tents
  2. Lichfield Tents
  3. Rage Tents
  4. Ohvee Tents
  5. Sunncamp Tents
  6. Vango Tents
  7. Outwell Tents
  8. Cabanon Tents
  9. Keyno Tents
  10. Family Tents

A tent is a temporary or semipermanent shelter, consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles. It is fairly easy to assemble (pitch) or disassemble, and is usually portable. Tents may be attached to the ground with stakes and guy lines (ropes). Tents were first used by nomadic peoples, but today, their main application is camping. Modern tents are usually made of fire-retardant material. Tents range in size from single person camping tents to huge circus tents. Outdoor weddings and festivals often take place in large tents.

The tent fabric or tent inner comprises the roof, walls, and (if one exists) the sewn-in groundsheet of the tent. The poles provide structural support. They may be collapsible for easy storage. Some designs use rigid poles, typically made of metal, or sometimes wood. Other designs use semirigid poles, typically made of fiberglass, or sometimes of special metal alloys. The rain fly, outer, or flysheet, is a sheet of fabric that is attached over the top of the inner. It is designed to make minimal contact with the tent fabric itself, and sometimes has a small pole of its own. The flysheet fabric is usually waterproof and may be made of canvas, nylon, or a more modern breathable material. Minimizing contact keeps the inner dry even if the outer is wet, and provides a layer of insulation. Stakes or pegs are used to fasten the tent to the ground. Some are attached to ropes (guys) that pull outward on the flysheet to give the tent additional stability. Others are used to anchor the bottom edge of the flysheet and inner to the ground.

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